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CABC signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)- October 2009




CABC in 2009

Janauray 2009

CABC BD Meets with Mr.Shahsamand VP of Bayat Foundation in Toronto

On January 15th, some members of the Board of Directors had the pleasure of meeting in Toronto with Haji Ismail Shahsamand , VP of Bayat Foundation, Ariana Television Network and Afghan Wireless Telecommunication.

The two sides discussed mutual business and supporting activities between the Bayat Foundation, Ariana Television Network, Afghan Wireless Telecommunication and CABC.

During the meeting, Aziz Amiri President of CABC thanked Haji Ismail Shahsamand  for the meeting and presented him with a letter of appreciation for Bayat Foundation's contribution to CABC.  Mr. Shahsamnd received the letter
with thanks and expressed his full and on going support for current and future initiatives of CABC.  He praised CABC's board and members for their hard work in raising awareness about the opportunities that exist between the business communities of both countries, Canada and Afghanistan.

Mr. Shahsamand also explained about the business and charitable activities of the Bayat Foundation and their affiliate companies in Afghanistan. Mr. Akefi  member of CABC Board of Directors discussed the proposal of CABC working with the Ariana Television Network on establishing a Cultural and Business television programs which can broadcast through Ariana TV Network, if they find it feasible. Business related programs seems to be missing from Afghanistan Satellite Television, that is where CABC intends to work on.

Mr. Jamshid Hussaini and Mr. Musadeq members of Board of Directors expressed the importance of social responsibility part of Bayat Foundation and its sister companies, Afghan Wireless Telecommunication and Ariana Television Network.

They expressed if other Afghan business leaders would do what Mr.Ehsanullah Bayat contributes, Afghanistan will be in a better situation.The meeting lasted over an hour and concluded with promises of more mutual cooperation in the future.


CABC in 2008


October 2008

Canada Afghanistan Business Matchmaking 1st Conference held by CABC in Toronto on Oct 17 & 18,2008  Conference Report Summary


Afghan Business Interview with CABC President about the conference by CTV


August 2008

CABC Participation in Afghanistan's 89th Year of Independence Day Reciption held by Afghanistan Consulate In Toronto - Aug18th

Dr. Yarmand (CABC Senior Advisor and Representative in Kabul-Afghanistan) Visit to Toronto - August 2nd 2008

Dr.Yarmand attended a meeting that was organized in Toronto to update and discuss CABC’s on going activities in Kabul and Business matchmaking Conference.

Meeting participants were: Aziz Amiri (president), Dr. Taj Yarmand, (CABC Senior Advisor and Representative in Kabul Afghanistan), Ahmad Yarmand (VP-R&D and head of Ottawa branch), Ahmad Akefi (head of community events), and Masood Yarmand (CABC member).

Based on the meeting agenda, Dr. Yarmand highlighted and discussed the following topics:

Despite the security issues and current situations in Kabul and some other parts of the country, Afghan business community are attempting to promote their businesses inside the country and abroad.  It is a good sign for future development of trade and investment in all sectors, of the growing economy of Afghanistan. 

CABC activities and anticipated BMMC in Canada has attracted most of business people to join CABC and attend BMMC in Canada. Businesses of different fields such as; mining, Construction, IT and telecommunication, energy sectors, food industry,  Carpet weaver associations, consulting firms, transportations and forwarders, exporters who are willing to establish contacts with Canadian business community trough CABC. Most of the applications are already submitted to CABC main office in Toronto by Kabul office.

CABC BMMC which is the first and one of the most important events to introduce the objectives and mandates of CABC towards promoting businesses and investment in Afghanistan and in Canada for the benefit of both Nations.

During Mr. Aziz Amiri, CABC president and Mr. Zakaria Khan Vice-president visits to Kabul, Most of the Ministers and high ranking officials they met, have shown their support and interest in joining BMMC. 

Within the last few months, some Canadian businesses and Investors' have shown interest in mining industry particularly in Gold mining in Afghanistan. CABC Kabul office is in process of collecting some data and information for further study and actions to be taken.

The meeting was followed by Dr. Yarmand’s suggestions regarding better coordination of CABC activities with relevant organizations in Afghanistan and Canada, Discussions about new projects and investments through CABC initiatives and involvements.


June - July 2008



CABC Vice-President Afghanistan Affairs-Eng Zakaria Khan & CABC Representative in Afghanistan - DR.Yarmand Meetings with Honorable Minsters and Goverment Officals in Kabul



June 2008


Ottawa, Monday June 09th 2008, a meeting between DFAIT, CIDA and the CABC team took place.

Mr. Brad Niblock from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Christine Johnson and Ms. Suzan of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and from CABC Aziz Amiri, President, Saber Fermand VP of Canada Affairs, Zakariakhan Zakaria VP of Afghanistan Affairs, and Liala Alam Board of Directors member met for a working meeting.

The team discussed with the officials CABC's upcoming Business Match Making Conference in September and the preparation for the event. Mr. Zakariakhan Zakaria briefly mentioned his promotion efforts of the BMMC event in Afghanistan and his meetings with officials there.

The in-depth discussion on the shape and form of the event enabled both sides to engage in dialogue on how to share the available resources, coordinate and help each other to attain the most out of this very first conference for all the participants, including the Canadian government, the Afghan government, as well as businesses and investment leaders.
Ahmad Yarmand VP (R&D) raised the issue of the conference by suggesting to DFAIT and CIDA if they could link the BMM with the Canadian mission (Development side) in Afghanistan to raise awareness among Canadians, particularly emphasizing Canada's role in promoting business and trade opportunities between the two states besides their military involvement. The idea was welcomed by DFAIT and CIDA and they informed us that they will engage in further discussions with their respective departments.

It was decided that DFAIT and CIDA will work effortlessly with CABC to raise awareness about the upcoming conference and make this a success endeavor. CABC discussed its financial obligations and the officials explained the funding formulas and avenues which CABC would be able to attain in order to administer the event.

May 2008

International Development Days:


May 20 - 23: Vancouver witnessed the International
Development Days (IDD) conference which was arranged by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) with the sponsorship of Canadian
International Development Agency (CIDA).

The conference which attracted over 450 attendees was informative, engaging and highly supportive of the Development Community in Canada. Organizations and companies across Canada gathered together to
share information and experiences on commercial opportunities in overseas humanitarian aid and emerging market places.  Throughout the conference, experts discussed concepts and ideas as how they can benefit
from these opportunities and how they can deliver a better service to their respective recipients.

H. E. Ambassador Omar Samad, Ambassador of I.R. of Afghanistan,delivered his luncheon speech on May 21st which was very well received by the audience. On the afternoon of May 21, during a one on one meeting,
Aziz Amiri, President of Canada Afghanistan Business Council, accompanied H. E. Ambassador Samad to meet interested individuals and companies that are keen to venture to Afghanistan.

This year, the 16th Annual Canadian Awards for International Cooperation recognizing achievements of Canadian businesses and organizations in developing countries were awarded at this conference. CME and CIDA have partnered for 16 years to recognize the
outstanding contributions of Canadian businesses and other organizations in international cooperation.  The awards, in nine different categories, were presented by the Honorable Beverley J. Oda, minister of international cooperation and Jayson Myers, CME president.

CABC was represented by its president Aziz Amiri who met a good number of attendees and spread the word about CABC's very first Business Match Making Conference in September 2008.
CABC Vancouver Meeting

On May 25th, Vancouver's prominent Afghan Canadian Business community gathered to welcome Aziz Amiri, President of Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC), at the "Afghan Chopan Restaurant".

During the meeting, Mr. Amiri informed the audience on the various activities of the CABC since its foundation. He added that opportunities in Afghanistan are abundant and that CABC is therefore putting forth an effort to bring these opportunities to Canadian Investment and Business Communities.

Afghan Canadian Entrepreneurs in British Columbia at this meeting expressed their overwhelming support in pursuing CABC's objectives with the Toronto Head Office.  They decided to arrange another meeting at alater date in Vancouver and form a new chapter that will join the CABC.



April 2008

Openning of CABC Middle East Representation (in Dubai)
Mr.Sayed Hashme(left) Representative of CABC in Dubai, President of Afghan Business Council Mr. Haji Obidullah Saderkhil(middle) and Mr. Aziz Amiri(right) President of CABC.

In April 11, 2008 Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) representative in Middle East Mr. Sayed Hashme was introduced by Aziz Amiri President of CABC to Mr. Obaidullah Saderkhil Chairman of Afghan Business Council in Dubai U.E.A.

Mr. Sayed Hashme who is (CABC) Board of Director member, and a very well-know Afghan Canadian businessman with business interest here in Canada and overseas; has recently settled in Dubai and gladly have accepted to represent CABC in Middle East. There are a good number of very successful Afghan entrepreneurs who are stationed in Dubai and the rest of Middle East. CABC being represented over there is very vital and important for the interest of CABC and the rest of Canadian Business Community.

CABC's up coming Business Matchmaking Conference will be heavily promoted in the Middle East to generate interest between prominent and powerful business leaders of the region. CABC is working to bring such business leaders to Canada, in order to establish mutual business relationships. Canada has a lot to offer for investment and business opportunities as well as expertise that can be exported. Canadian Companies are all over the world in different sectors such as Mining, IT, Reconstruction, Agriculture, Environment and Service Industry.

Middle East businesses are very well positioned in that part of the world to bring investment and market intelligence that Canadian Companies need to succeed there.

While CABC highly appreciates Sayed Hashme's involvement and representation of CABC in Middle East, wishing him all the success in encouraging and promoting CABC, Afghanistan and Canadian business and investment opportunities in rich and vibrant business community of Middle East.

March 2008

CABC at Naw Ruz Celebration in Ottawa:
Mr. Ahmad Yarmand (left) V.P of CABC and head of Ottawa Chapter, introducing CABC activities during Naw Ruz event, March 2008, Ottawa

Ottawa city was witnessed a gathering of 450 people to celebrate Naw Ruz 1387. CABC'S Ottawa branch was one of the sponsors for this event,which was a great opportunity to introduce CABC to participants and
Ottawa Business Community.

We had provided banners, brochures on all tables. We also had a Display Table and Display Board which contained information and pictures of the Board of Directors, introducing CABC sponsors and supporters, as well as general information about CABC and its activities.

Besides the announcements made about CABC activities by organizers, in this event CABC's Vice President of R&D and Head of Ottawa Chapter Mr. Ahamd Yarmand delivered his message and present the organization's
gift to the Lucky Winner of Nawroze Event.

CABC was well presented in the event and people were showing interest to learn more about its activities. Membership forms were distributed and it is expected that more members will join.


Conference meeting with H.E Ibrahim Adel, Minister of Mines, Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Toronto, March 4th, 2008

CABC hosted His Excellency Ibrahim Adel, Minister of Mines, Islamic Government of Afghanistan. The event hosted over 120 participants, including representatives from Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Toronto Board of Trade (World Trade Centre), the Atlantic Council, the Canada India Business Council and the U.S Department of Commerce.
The meeting began with a recitation from the Holy Quran and a fascinating poem by Mr. Akefi, a member of the Board of Directors. Next, Mr. Aziz Amiri, President of CABC, welcomed His Excellency Minister Adel and his
colleagues, and briefed the participants on the formation and objectives of CABC. He noted that "We all have responsibility to encourage business and investment opportunities between Canada and Afghanistan". Mr. Amiri finished his speech by
encouraging everyone to help in the upcoming Business Matchmaking Conference July 13 & 14, 2008 by finding sponsors and getting involved as volunteers.

Subsequently, His Excellency Eng. Habibullah Qaderi, Afghanistan's General Consul in Toronto presented his speech and thanked CABC for taking an active role in the reconstruction and business development of
Afghanistan. H.E Qaderi promised all the help that his office can provide to advance CABC's objectives and goals for the years to come.

H.E Minster Adel presented a very detailed and insightful review of the activities, processes, achievements and plans of his monastery and asked the
participants to come to Afghanistan and take full advantage of these historic opportunities.

Minister Adel noted that while the Canadian mining company Hunter Dickinson did not win the "Ainak" mine bid, the company did acknowledge the full transparency of the bid evaluation process in Afghanistan.

H.E mentioned that there are quite a few medium and larger sized mines that are coming up for the bidding process this year and next year, and expressed his hope that Canadian mining companies will take full
advantage of these opportunities. "We appreciate and thank Canadian support in Afghanistan and looking forward to their businesses to come to Afghanistan and benefit from unlimited opportunities."

Participants from the different organizations present welcomed the Minister and expressed their support for CABC's efforts.

Eng. Zakaria Khan Zakaria, VP of Afghan Affairs, presented a passionate speech in Pashto and English. Mr. Zakaria explained CABC's Kabul branch activities and the support that can be provided for Canadian businesses considering work there.

After serving the traditional Afghan meal, the event finished with a show by an Afghan local musician.


Febraurary 2008

Ottawa Chapter Meeting:

The Ottawa Chapter of CABC had a dinner meeting with Aziz Amiri, President of CABC, on February 15, 2008.

In the meeting, Mr. Amiri briefed the members on the details of CABC's Business Matchmaking Conference. Members expressed their readiness to cooperate in order to make the event a successful one.

Montreal Chapter Meeting:

On February 17, 2007, Montreal chapter members gathered for a meeting with Mr. Aziz Amiri, President of CABC, to be briefed on the council's latest activities.

CABC Business Matchmaking Conference was discussed and members' input was taken for the event.

PDAC show in Toronto, March 2-5, 2008:

Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (DPAC) had this year's show from March 2nd to 5th, at Toronto's Metro Convention Centre.

CABC's President Aziz Amiri and several members attended this year's show and witnessed a great deal of interest for Afghanistan's mining sector.
Afghanistan had a booth in the show for the second time, and provided all kinds of information and material for prospective investors. Afghanistan's untapped mining sector is very attractive for the world's resource hungry companies.


January 2008

Meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and CIDA

CABC had arranged a meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and CIDA to further enhance its efforts to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and bridging the investment communities between the two countries, Canada and Afghanistan

This preliminary meeting took palce at the offices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of Mr. A Mukhupadhyay and Mr. Alnoor Maherali of Forein Affairs and International Trade, From CIDA Ms. Christine Johnson and Mr. Brad Niblock and from CABC Mr. Aziz Amiri, Mr. Khan Zkaria,Mr. Saber Fermand, Mr. Ahmad Yarmand.

Mr. Mukhopadhayay, Director of South Asia Commercial Relations outlined policies and objectives of his department while Ms. Christine Johnson explained CIDA 's interest and involvement in Afghanistan's Reconstruction and Assistance as well as its criteria.

CABC's President Mr Amiri introduced CABC and its objective both in Canada and Afghanistan with the emphasis on the upcoming Match Making Conference that will facilitate in bringing investment communities and business people together from Afghanistan and Canada. It was added that this will also open doors of opportunities to Canadian companies that wish to participate in the Construction, Mining and other lucrative ventures in
the growing economy of Afghanistan.

Mr. Saber Fermand CABC's VP for Canada,opened the discussion as to how Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as well as CIDA in conjunction with CABC could work to enhance cooperation on projects on the ground in Afghanistan,Both CIDA and International Trade expressed interest and welcomed any and all projects that could fit their respective criteria.

Mr. Zakaria VP for Afghanistan added his first hand observations and possibilities in Afghanistan, Mr Yarmand and Mr Walizada also participated and expressed their thoughts on the discussion that took place.

Mr. Niblock and Mr. Maherali both offered assistance and direct communication to take place on all issues pertaining to the the discussions.

The meeting concluded with promises of cooperation among the participants and a better understanding on how to work together on related issues.


CABC President Aziz Amiri  interview on  AM 940 Montreal Radio Show.

Listen here.


CABC President Aziz Amiri  interview on  Saadat-Prosperity 
Afghan Informational & Business Publication in Canada. View/Read here.


CABC V.P Afghanistan Affairs visit to Middle East

Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) VP of Afghanistan Affair Eng. Zakariakhan Zakaria had a trip to Middle East and where he held productive meetings with business organizations.

During is trip he also visited Dubai UEA, Iran and Egypt, where he met several businesses and business organizations in an effort to boost trade and investment opportunities between them and CABC.

While in Iran, Eng. Zakariakhan Zakarai he attended a conference on Business &

investment between Afghanistan and Iran at the Trade Ministry of Iran. Mr. Zakhilwal from the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and Haji Obaidullah Sadarkhil from Dubai’s Afghanistan Business Council (ABC) were also part of Afghan delegation.

Haji Hamid Khulmi, a member of the Board of Directors of Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC), accompanied Eng. Zakariakhan Zakaria and they signed cooperative and alliance contract-protocols with Lepcoo.

The delegation also visited a couple of factories which included 3-D wall, motorcycle assembling, and chocolate factory.


CABC in 2007 / 2006

Round Table Meeting with Dr. Zakhilwal, at the Ministry Foreign Affairs and International Trade on December 12th, 2007 in Ottawa

A Round Table Meeting was hosted by the Director of South Asia Commercial Relations
Division,( Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)
Mr. Audri Mukhopadhayay with the participation of Trade Facilitation Office , Canada.

Dr. Zahkilwal President of AISA was the guest of honor at the meeting. The main theme of meeting was matters pertaining Afghanistan Investment issues and related matters.

The meeting started with welcoming remarks by Mr. A. Mukhopahyay, followed by a thorough and informative overview of AISA and its role by Dr. O Zakhilwal , following by remarks questions by the members of the Round Table, which were answered in details by Dr. Zakhilwal.

CABC representatives were Mr. Aziz Amiri, President., Mr. Saber Fermand, Vice- President, Canada Affairs and Dr Taj M. Yarmand, Senior Advisor and Afghanistan’s Representative for CABC by special invitation of the Office of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

At the meeting, Mr. Amiri promoted the up coming Match Making Conference by
CABC and asking Government of Canada as participant and well as related trade
issues, Mr. Fermand encouraged the Government of Canada to participate and publicize
its participation in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, Dr. Yarmand also offered his
assistance and the importance of CABC in Kabul in relations to the businesses there
and his knowledge of the business community.

All comments were received in a very favorable way, which resulted to have another meeting on January 7th, 08 to further enhance our discussion

"Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, President of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) visited Toronto"

Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) gathered for a dinner meeting with Dr. Omar Zakhilwal President of AISA, who was generous to come from Montreal to Toronto for this special meeting.

Dr. Zakhilwal expressed encouragement along with appreciation that CABC members of Board of Directors have accepted such a major task upon themselves to establish this organization with continued and tireless efforts to be a part of the reconstruction of Afghanistan which is aggressively progressing.

He added that "organizations like CABC and Diasporas are a vital part of this process, as they have the expertise and knowledge of doing business here as well as they know the business of running a venture in Afghanistan".

Dr. Zakhilwal informed the Board of Directors of CABC about AISA and its activities. He promised to put AISA's resources and expertise to help CABC getting established and prosper in Canada. In a personal note, Dr. Zakhilwal , an Afghan Canadian expressed that while he is working with businesses from around the world, Canadian businesses that wish to invest and enter Afghanistan market, will benefit from his special attention.
Mr. Amiri President, Co-founder of CABC and Board of Directors thanked Dr. Zakhilwal for his input and words of encouragement at the end of the meeting which lasted till 11pm.

Afghanistan Panel Discussion:

On Saturday November 17, Aziz Amiri was one of four Afghan-Canadian that attended
a one on one meeting with the newly formed Afghanistan Panel.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that a non-partisan panel will
look into the various options pertaining to Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.
Having a panel study this issue to present a report to parliament is a good idea.
Mr. John Manley, a former deputy prime minister leads the panel.

The following options have been identified for consideration, without intending
to exclude other:

-Keep training Afghan troops and police to be self-sustaining when Canadian
troops withdraw.

-Focus on reconstruction in Kandahar with another NATO country taking over security.

-Shift Canadian security and reconstruction to another region of Afghanistan.

-Withdraw the main body of Canada's troops in February 2009.

During the discussion Mr. Amiri mentioned that NATO and Canada should take the
situation very serious. If Afghanistan is going to be abandoned again, it will
haunt the next generation, not only in the region, but also around the world.

The panel was informed of the opinion of the Afghan Canadians living in
Canada that we are appreciating the help and looking forward to a free and
prosperous Afghanistan.

The Panel thanked the four for their input.

Letter from Mr. John Manley to CABC President Mr. Aziz  Amiri (view it here)

Brief of CABC President the trip to Afghanistan:

CABC’s President and Co-Founder Aziz Amiri had a fact finding and promoting trip to Afghanistan from Oct. 10th to Oct 25th, 2007.Mr. Amiri during his stay in Kabul had several meetings with high ranking officials including Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and other executives of the following government ministries, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Ministry of Energy and Water, Ministry of Agriculture and Husbandry, Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation, and Ministry of Mines.

He also held meetings with Saed Mustafa Kazimi Chair of Economic Commission House of Commons, Afghanistan Parliament, several MPs and a number of Afghanistan successful Businessmen. Afghanistan Traffic Directorate, Handcraft Promotion Corporation, Peace Dividend Trust, and few other organizations were visited and talks were held to promote Canada and Canadian business interests.

During his stay in Kabul, Mr. Amiri attended “Four Commercial Laws Conference” (Corporations and Limited Liability Companies Law, Partnership Law, Arbitration Law and Mediation Law) in Kabul, where he expressed a fresh prospects with Canadian view point on discussions related to these laws.

Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mr. Azarakhsh Hafizi, Chief Executive Hamiddullah Farooqi as well as Dr. Yilaqi Acting Chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries held separate working meeting with Mr. Amiri to discuss the business relationship between Canada Afghanistan Business Council and both Chambers of Commerce. It was agreed and assured that Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) can fully utilized the facilities, relationships, contacts and expertise of these chambers. Both Chambers now count (CABC) as their full representation in Canada.

Mr. Ron Hoffman Deputy of Mission and Ms. Megan Foster, First Secretary of Canadian Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan met Mr. Aziz Amiri and Dr. Taj Yarmand to discuss the mutual relationships shared by the Canadian Embassy and CABC.

During the meeting it was recognized that as Afghanistan is currently Canada’s biggest foreign commitment. CABC obligation is to encourage and facilitate Canadian business and investment interests in Afghanistan. This will help the Canadian business community to take advantage and benefit from this historic opportunity. In the meeting Mr. Amiri was given assurance that the Canadian Embassy will assist CABC in achieving its goals in Afghanistan.

Dr. Taj Yarmand, Senior Advisor of CABC accompanied Mr. Amiri in all his meetings and discussions in Kabul. Dr. Yarmand who is stationed in Kabul will represent CABC in

Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) opened its office in Kabul:

During CABC’s President Mr. Aziz Amiri visit to Afghanistan, he inaugurated the CABC’s office in Karte Se Kabul Afghanistan.

Dr. Taj Yarmand, one of the Co-Founders and Senior Advisor of CABC is in charge of Kabul operation. Kabul office will facilitate and coordinate the council’s activities and business transactions in Afghanistan.

Canadian businesses and delegations in Afghanistan can contact CABC office in Kabul and benefit from their services. As a Canadian business centre, our Kabul Office with its professionals will provide pre-feasibility, marketing, survey and other studies for interested business interests and parties.

Kabul Office: Phone: + 93 (0) 799-079-258 Email:


Washington DC hosted this conference from Nov 11 till Nov 13, 2007.
Mr. Aziz Amiri President, Mr. Saber Fermand VP of Canada Affairs and Eng. Zakaria Khan Zakaria VP of Afghanistan Affairs from the Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) attended this conference.

The conference which was well organized by Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (A-ACC) attracted high ranking US government officials, American business people and their Afghan counter parts in business and organizations.

CABC congratulates A-ACC Matchmaking Conference organizers for such a marvelous job and wishes them further success and achievements.

CABC in the year passed

Afghanistan, after decades of war is on its way to prosperity and success. Afghan Diasporas across the world have eagerly joined the forces to rebuild their war torn country. Afghan Canadian businessmen have come to establish CABC to actively participate in this, much- needed endeavor.

Year 2007 was the very first year for CABC. The constitution passed in December 2006 and the very first election for Board of Directors and Executive were conducted in March 05, 2007.

CABC is embarking on a very exciting and challenging journey. CABC is a non-profit organization and its aim is to establish a bridge for flow of information between the two countries of Canada and Afghanistan.

As a newly established organization, CABC was very busy to lay the foundation of its operation. By hiring our very first part time staff, Board of Directors worked tirelessly in its monthly meetings to establish the sponsorship and membership forms, welcome package for new members, setting up the web site, preparing the structure and CABC vision.

Eng. Zakaria Khan Zakaria Co-Founder and Interim President of CABC had a fact finding trip from Dec. 8th-24th, 2006. During his stay Mr. Zakaria had meetings with high ranking officials of Afghanistan Government and well-known Afghan businessmen in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. Mr. Azarakhsh Hafizi, Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce Chairman received Mr. Zakaria and signed an agreement of cooperation between AICC and CABC.

Mr. Zakaria fulfilled all responsibilities before March 05, 2007 election, and has done a tremendous job in raising awareness about CABC in Afghanistan and Canada business communities. Mr. Zakaria is Vice President of Afghanistan Affairs with continued contributions to CABC.

During the course of our first year, CABC was successful in endeavoring in a few business and investment opportunities in Afghanistan and Canada. Responding received inquiries about business opportunities, Afghanistan government contacts, tendering procedures and so on, as well as Ahmoon Manufacturing initiative, Painting Plant, and Mazar-e-Sharif Cardiac Centre are a few examples of this success in Afghanistan. Crystal Group formation and working on establishing a fund to initiate investing in Canadian stock markets, Canadian inquiries are the examples of CABC activities in Canada.

While general business inquiries from Canadian Business community are keep coming, there are few other business initiatives, which are in process of evaluation and formation. Some of these opportunities will be announced upon maturity and will be brought to the public for participating and investing in due course.

Aziz Amiri, current elected President of CABC has made his way to Afghanistan and met with high ranking officials in the government, members of parliament and prominent Afghan businesses.

During his fact finding and promotion of CABC trip, Mr. Amiri made sure that the concerned authorities in public and private know about CABC, its objectives, abilities and areas of focus. He also learned on how to find out the rebuilding projects and opportunities from different government and bidding agencies that can be brought to Canadian businesses and investors.

Canada is one of the strongest economies in the G8 countries which offer a vast number of opportunities for Afghan investors, where Mr. Amiri spoke about with businesses and organizations in Afghanistan and Dubai UAE.

Afghan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC), Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), Afghan Business Council (ABC) in Dubai and Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (A-ACC) are Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) counterparts on the ground in Afghanistan and abroad.

Mr. Amiri had working meetings with all the above organizations to really understand the mechanism of running such organizations; learn from their strengths, weakness and mistakes; their relationships among themselves; their input and contributions in the policy making process of Afghanistan government; dealing with government and non-government organizations that are active in Afghanistan, as well as establishing CABC as a Canadian Business Organization that are committed to participate in the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

CABC delegation which included Mr. Amiri, Mr. Fermand and Mr. Zakaria participated in the third U.S-Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference in Washington DC.

CABC has a long way to its success path. However, the members and the leadership of
CABC are committed to embrace these challenges with a very keen, open and enthusiastic approach, in order to fulfill their commitment in bringing investment and business interests together while being instrumental in the reconstruction of Afghanistan through business initiatives.

Afghanistan has so much potential and CABC is here to help the world materialize it.

Looking forward to a challenging, yet rewarding year of 2008.

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