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Welcome to Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) 


Canada Afghanistan Business Council is a non-profit organization that has been established to facilitate bilateral trade and businesses opportunities between Canada and Afghanistan. 

Afghanistan, after decades of war, is heading towards prosperity and development. Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC) will bridge gaps and overcome obstacles that may hinder investment and/or business prospects for Canadian and Afghan Businesses and Investors. 
Afghanistan’s great need for infrastructure developments, untapped mines, central location in Asia, potential of drastically improving its exports of natural gas, dried fruits, hand crafts and other agricultural products are among a few points to note from the vast opportunities available. Afghanistan is well positioned to facilitate great business expansions for its unique location in the region.  

CABC is proudly an Afghan Canadian Organization who’s aim is to assist you with first hand information, facilitation and expertise on investments and joint ventures of unlimited possibilities, both in Canada and in Afghanistan, and enhanced by the support of both the Government of Afghanistan and Canadian International Development Agency ( CIDA ), in the growing reconstruction industries, Mines, Development, Construction and more. 
In Canada (CABC), will create opportunities for its members, investment vehicles as well  
as ventures in Canada by creating Group Financing in venture capitals and any other field of investment interest of groups and/or individuals. All will be tailored to the needs and interests of its investing members.

CABC’s objects could be briefed as follows:
1. To encourage and promote all Canada based businesses to invest in Afghanistan. 
2. To establish close business relations with entrepreneurs based in Afghanistan. 
3. To promote joint ventures/investments between Canada and Afghanistan companies. 
4. To promote and support the visits of Afghan commercial delegations to Canada. 
5. To have close relation with Business organizations in Canada. 
6. To promote and support visits of commercial delegations from Canada to Afghanistan. 
7. To provide a forum in which Afghan business executives in Canada and business executives with Afghan interest may identify, discuss and pursue common interest regarding their activities. 
8. To heighten awareness of Canada’s trade position in North America among the Afghan based Business community.

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