Saber Fermand - President

Saber Fermand - President

Graduate of Habibia High School , Fike High School, USA and Westminster College, London, United Kingdom.

Successful Afghan Canadian businessman with extensive management and  business experience in  Insurance and Financial Services,  Marketing and Sales within Canada and Overseas.

President of Silk Road Carpets & Interiors, manufacturer and importer of programmed lines of hand-knotted rugs from around the world in today’s fashionable color combinations,  supplying Designers, Retailers and wholesalers.

With interests in real estate in Canada, USA and Dubai.  Mr. Fermand has joined forces with successful Real Estate firm, Azco Real Estate of Dubai ( Zafari Brothers ) and United Home Mortgages of California, USA as the Canadian Partner and Exclusive Representative where he brings Real Estate Investment opportunities  to the Afghan Community and Canadians as well as assisting them with their investments in Dubai and US Real Estate.

Mr. Fermand is a Co-founder and current Vice president for the External Affairs  of Afghan Association of Ontario, which helped thousands of Afghans to immigrate and settle in Canada.

President of Council of Afghan Association of Canada ( CAAC), which has had many conferences over the years to enhance the Afghan Community’s profile in the larger Canadian Society.
Mr. Fermand is the President, former Vice President-Canada Affairs and a founding Member of Canada Afghanistan Business Council where no effort is spared to bridge bilateral business interests between Canada and Afghanistan.

Recipient of:

 -  AFS, Fulbright Scholarship to study in USA

 -  Honorary Citizenship, N.C, USA ( Academic Excellence and Worthy
    Representative of his Native Land )

 -   Medal and Award by Lt. Governor General for 25 years of Community Service,
     Promoting the Economic Development of Afghan Canadians and Multiculturalism.

 -   Advisory Committee member to two Federal Ministers of Multiculturalism
     ( Status of Women )


Saber Fermand

President  and Founding Member of CABC

Tel. 519 571 8929
Fax.519 571 8303
Cell. 519 748 8888



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