Dr. Taj Yarmand, MSc. Ph.D. - Director of Economics and Investment Affairs & Senior Advisor

Dr. Taj Yarmand, MSc. Ph.D. - Director of Economics and Investment Affairs  & Senior Advisor

Dr. Taj Yarmand was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has served people as an educator, trainer/capacity builder, engineer, economist, researcher, editor, humanitarian, socio-economic development expert, policy advisor, coordinator and business executive both in public and private sectors in Asia and America.

Dr. Yarmand holds M.Sc.in engineering from Belarusian Polytechnic Institute and has completed his Ph.D. in Standardization and Quality management in Moscow, Russia. He also has continued studies in the field of planning and socio-economic development, macro and micro economics, management, scientific and applied R&D, SME business development, standard and technology, quality management. He has also published numerous articles and books for university students, engineers and entrepreneurs.

For more than three decades, Dr. Yarmand has worked extensively in the area of infrastructure development and humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, Asia, Europe and North America. In his long career span, he has worked with many government ministries and other institutions that include: Ministry of Energy (Sarobi Hydro-Electric Power Project), Ministry of Mines & Industries, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation, Kabul university, Kabul Polytechnic Institute, Nangarhar university, ILO, UNIDO, UNCHS (Habitat), CARE, ICRC, Agha Khan Housing Board .  Dr. Yarmand also has extensive experience in the private sector as an advisor and executive. He has successfully established and managed several manufacturing and consulting firms in Asia and North America.  

Currently, Dr. Yarmand is the President and CEO of Pyramid Integrated Development Inc., a consulting firm that focuses on development, economic and investment affairs of Afghanistan. Moreover, he is a founding and Board Member of the Canada-Afghanistan Business Council (CABC). Dr. Yarmand has continued passion and commitment towards helping Afghan entrepreneurs improve their business activities, quality of products and services for local and international markets. His goal is, also to promote networking in order to build a bridge between Canadian and Afghan Business Communities.

Dr. Taj Yarmand (Ph.D.)
President & CEO
PYRAMID Integrated Development Inc.  
E-mail: tyarmand@pyramid-global.com

Board Member & Senior Advisor
Afghanistan Economics and Investment Affairs
Canada Afghanistan Business Council (CABC)
T:  +93 (020) 2500 791
Cell: +93 (0) 799-079-258
T/F: +1-613- 724 4332


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